Tendai Rinos Mwanaka


Published Works Include:

Experimental Writing: Africa Vs Latin America Anthology (African and Latin America writers in English and Spanish anthology, coeditor)

 Zimbabwe: The Urgency of Now (creative nonfiction book)

Finding a Way Home (stories novel)

Revolution (poetry book)

Democracy, Good Governance, and Development in Africa (scholarly essays, co-editor)

Best New African Poets 2015 Anthology (African poetry in French, English, and Portuguese, co editor)

Keys in the River (stories novel)

Voices from Exile (poetry book)

Zimbabwe: The Blame Game (creative nonfiction book)

Zimbolicious poetry (Zimbabwean poets anthology, co editor)

Pearls of awareness (poetry book)

Playing to love's gallery (poetry book)

Best New African Poets 2016 Anthology (African poetry in French, English, Portuguese and several indigenous African languages, coeditor)

Upcoming books include:

Zimbolicious Poetry, Volume 2

 A Conversation- A Contact (flash pieces book)

Language, thought art and existence (creative nonfiction book)

A Dark Energy (novel), Peace of Senses ( life photography

Frontiers, Wild, Semi-Wild, Human (nature photographs)

Drawing Without Licence (drawings)

Writing Language, Culture and Development, Africa Vs Asia Volume 1

 Africanization and Americanization: Searching for Interracial, Interstitial, Intersectional and Inter States Meeting Spaces, African Vs North America, Volume 1( African and North American writers in English).

Asian Poetry Editor Rameeza Nasim was born and lives in Karachi, Pakistan. Holding a masters degree in English Literature and Linguistics, she makes her living through writing and Blogging. Poetry is her Passion and it's something in her genes.

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